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  2002-2003 Season Survey 

Welcome to the 2002-2003 Fairport Basketball Survey.

Thank you for taking part in this short, informal survey.

Your responses to the questions here will help us measure

the success of the website in it's very first season. 


Please do NOT use the ENTER key as this will submit the survey.

Use the TAB key to move to the next field.

1. Give us your overall rating of on a scale of 0 to 10: rates a ...    [0 = useless, 10=outstanding]

2. How did you learn about the website?

I learned about from ...


3. How frequently do you visit the website?

I visit ...

4. Which features of the website do you enjoy most?

5. Which features of the website do you dislike?

6. Should stay up and running for the 2003-2004 season?

7. What would you like to see on the website next year that was not on the site this year?

8. What comments would you have for us?


To help us better understand who our visitors are, please

take a moment to tell us about yourself:

 9. I am a ...

10. My name is ...   (optional)

11. My email address is ...   (optional)

Finally ...

12. Would you be interested in a commemorative version of the website on CD-Rom? We have not yet decided to make one available but depending on interest shown here, we may consider it. Any funds raised from the sale of a possible CD-Rom would benefit the Fairport Basketball Program.


That's it! Review your answers to make sure they're the way you want them to be and press the SUBMIT button below.

Thanks from all of us in the Fairport Basketball program for participating in this survey and for supporting Fairport Red Raider Basketball!