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A Small Gift to the Fairport Basketball Community

When I first approached Scott Fitch back in July of 2002 about doing a website for the Fairport Basketball Program, it was just the seed of an idea. Something that I knew I wanted to do but without any real concept of the path the project might take. I told Scott that I wanted to do a site that would address the basketball program from every angle we possibly could. When Kermit Moyer brought the girls' basketball program on board, I knew it would be a fun and interesting project.

I left the Fairport School System nearly 23 years ago. And though I've been through college and a career or two, traveled to many parts of the world and had some great times and some awful times, one of the strongest and happiest memories that I have is putting on the varsity uniform and hitting the hardwood.

But the lessons that I learned there aren't really about playing basketball so much as they are about playing life. I learned that winning isn't everything ... and neither is losing. What's so much more important is how you play the game ... whether we're talking about basketball or business or marriage or life.

I learned that leadership is about respecting yourself, setting the best example you can, showing some tenacity, giving a little bit more when you think you haven't any more to give ... and it's about helping your teammates be even better than they already are. I learned that an assist is just as valuable as a field goal -- sometimes even more so. I learned that sometimes you've just gotta dive for the ball or take a hard charge and then reach for the ice pack. I learned that sometimes the best thing you can do for your team is spend a few minutes on the bench. And I learned that I didn't have to be a superstar athlete to help my team play hard and win games. Those are lessons that have carried me through life and served me well.

So, why a website? It was one of the ways that, from a distance, I could give something of myself back to a program that gave me so much -- a very small token of my gratitude. It is my hope that this inaugural season of has served the program well and that those who have visited the site have found it fun and interesting. Lastly, I hope that it helps those student-athletes who played so remarkably well this year -- and who've made their community so proud -- to look back and remember who they were and what they accomplished.

To the players and cheerleaders, congratulations on a truly spectacular season. Be proud of what you have accomplished together with your coaches and teammates. I wish you all the very best in your future endeavors and in whatever path you choose to follow in life. Remember well some of those important lessons that basketball has taught you. And know for certain that your coaches have given you everything they had to give ... and maybe a little more.

To the coaches and assistants, on behalf of the Fairport Basketball Community, I thank you for another terrific season of basketball. You have done your players, the school district and the Fairport community proud through your dedication and your hard work. Know that 23 years from now, one of your players will remember you with memories as fond as those I hold of my old coaches and teammates.

To the parents and families of our players and cheerleaders, you have our enduring gratitude for your participation, your dedication, your encouragement and your love. You are an integral part of the foundation upon which the Fairport Basketball Tradition continues to grow.

To our program sponsors we owe many thanks. Your continued financial support and your dedication to the ideals of sportsmanship have contributed greatly, this year and each year, to the tradition of class and success that is embodied in Fairport Basketball.

A very special thanks to this season's website contributors who've added so much to this site in the form of photos, statistics, articles and feedback. You have my gratitude.

And to the Fairport students and community members who have made themselves a part of this year's successful season, you have our thanks. You have made this season that much better through your encouragement and your participation.

I can't wait to see what next year's basketball season brings! Can you?

Todd Pegelow

FHS Class of 1980


If you have some ideas about how to make the website better for next season, drop me an email and share! Thanks.










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