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Promoting Fairport Basketball is an important task. It helps the program raise the funds it needs to operate today and plan for tomorrow. You can help us promote the program with these downloadable files.

Print as many copies as you'd like and distribute them to family, neighbors, local businesses and parents' workplaces.

Each item here pops a new browser window from which you can print.




"We Support Fairport Basketball" (display signs)

sign 1 We Proudly Support Fairport Basketball web*   
sign 2 Real Raiders Wear Red! web*   

"We Love Raider Hoops!" (car window display signs)

print 'em ...

cut 'em ...

   tape 'em!



* For best results, remove any automatically-generated header and footer information printed by your browser. This can generally be done in the "Page Setup" menu of your browser software.

Consider printing the signs on heavy weight paper for better results.