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01/27/03 - photos of the 1987-88 and 1990-91 teams have been posted

01/10/03 - Posted the boys' varsity 2001-02 Team Photo.

01/03/03 - Posted results from the Boys' Varsity 2001-2002 team in the boys' history section

01/02/03 - Posted Girls' Modified A Blue Schedule

12/27/02 - Posted Phase I of the Girls' History section.

12/22/02 - Posted a 1993-94 team photo contributed by Mr. Dom Esposito. Posted a nice series of candid and action shots from the 1992-93 season, again contributed by Mr. Esposito. Rolled out all of the sponsor information and banner ads on very selected pages.

12/14/02 - Girls' Varsity and JV 8.5 x 11" schedules have been posted.

12/11/02 - Phase IV or the Boys' Basketball History section has been posted. The section now includes over 175 candid and action photos. Links to a number of photos and articles have also been posted on Coach Jeff Fitch's page.

12/8/02 - Phase III of the Boys' Basketball History section has been posted including highlight teams, highlight players, and teammates remembered. Also posted a links page for recent FHS hoopsters now playing college basketball. 

12/4/02 - Phase II of the Boys' Basketball History section is online with the addition of a (nearly) complete team photo gallery. Phase III will begin to include players names with those photos!

12/03/02 - Girls' Varsity and JV rosters ... and ... Boys' Varsity and JV rosters have been posted!

12/02/02 - This website suffered a serious set-back when the server crashed on the day before Thanksgiving. Hopefully, things are now back up and running ... just in time for the season opener!

11/24/02 - Phase I of the Boys' Basketball History section has been published.

11/19/02 - Girls' Varsity & JV Schedules have been posted!

10/24/02 - Important Notice : The Boys' Varsity & JV schedules posted on this website, in both the main schedules section as well is in the downloadable gear section, have been updated. If you've downloaded either of these schedules prior to this date, please download new copies and discard the old copies.










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