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12/25/02 Fairport's Stacy Schrader is Tops in Blocks

December 25, 2002

By Chris Wagner
Staff writer

Syracuse Post-Standard

If you meet Stacy Schrader outside a gym, prepare for an easy smile, a confident greeting.

But if you find the LeMoyne College senior on the basketball court, prepare to be rejected.

The 6-foot-2 willowy center with never-ending arms is an all-around player with a particular specialty. She blocks shots. Many, many shots. She has deflected more than a half dozen per game this year. Last season, she redirected 159 - the most of any woman in the nation, and more than all but one man.

Schrader has earned nicknames - "Spider," "Monkey" and "Go-Go Gadget" - for her specialty and wingspan that reaches 6 feet, 7 inches, but they don't do her justice. She deserves something far more special, more regal.

Call her the Sultaness of Swat.

That's a title worthy of a person able to block 13 shots in a single game, which Schrader did last month against Bridgewater State. It's a distinction that describes a player who, with 46 blocks in the Dolphins' first seven games (6.6 per game), has a chance to break the all-time single-season shot-blocking record (219) for all NCAA divisions, women or men.

The magnitude of her feat produces more wide shoulder-shrugging acknowledgment than surprise from Schrader, who has been the queen of deflection since her high school days in the Rochester suburb of Fairport.

"A lot of times I just go straight up and the ball is right there," said Schrader, who grudgingly gives credit to her arms as her best basketball asset.

"As much as I dread my arm length when I go to buy clothes, it does help out a lot," said Schrader, whose wingspan is five inches longer than what is considered average (arm span tends to equal a person's height).

But blocking shots is more than about having long arms.

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