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01/26/03 ER wins Greater Rochester Cheerleading & Dance Championship

Cheers for East Rochester

Bombers win overall title at cheering competition

By Ben Jacobs
Democrat and Chronicle

(January 26, 2003) — East Rochester had never even won its division at the Greater Rochester Cheerleading and Dance Championships, so the Bombers were plenty happy when they found out they won the Intermediate II division Saturday at the Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial.

About 15 minutes later, they heard themselves announced as Grand Champions.

“I’m speechless,” ER coach Katie Owens said several times. “It’s very shocking. We didn’t expect this at all.”

Some of the Bombers probably thought their ears were playing a trick on them.

Canandaigua’s Sarah Anderson and her teammates compete at the Greater Rochester Cheerleading and Dance Championships at the Blue Cross Arena at the War Memorial. Her team finished fourth in the Advanced II Division.

“Winning in your division is exciting and everything, but to be Grand Champions is just unbelievable,” Owens said.

As great as they felt, the Bombers knew they would not be able to rest on their laurels, even after such an impressive victory.

“We have sectionals in two weeks, so we’ve got a lot of work to do,” Owens said. “Huge expectations.”

If the first two weeks of their season are any indication, the Bombers will be ready.

“We’re on a roll,” Owens said. “We won last weekend in our first competition, and now we won this weekend.”

ER scored a perfect 160 in a meet last weekend, and received 394 out of a possible 400 points Saturday. So, how do you keep improving if you’re already perfect, or nearly so?

“We just go back to practice next week and fix the little things,” Owens said. “Practice makes perfect and that’s what we’ve got to keep doing the next two weeks.”

Hilton did not repeat as Grand Champion, but it was still a great day for the Cadets as they defended their Advanced I division title.

“The kids work hard. They never give up and they have a lot of heart,” Hilton coach Laurie Miller. “What they do, they do from their heart and it shows on the floor.”

Miller was especially happy after she learned that Irondequoit won the Intermediate I division. Miller’s daughter, Brittany, is a sophomore cheerleader for the Eagles.

“It’s a good day,” Brittany said.

“It’s a great day,” Laurie corrected. “It makes it really special for both of us.”

This was not the first time Hilton and Irondequoit have performed at the same event this year, but usually they are competing against each other.

“It’s nice to be able to enjoy each other’s (victory),” Laurie said. “It’s harder when we’re competing. She handles that pretty well, though.”

Geneva also won for the second year in a row, defeating Livonia in the Intermediate Co-ed I division.

“We knew Livonia was going to be a real challenge because they have a lot of talent,” Geneva coach Laurie Nass said. “We hoped and we worked hard.”

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