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The purpose of this section is to provide a list of software that you might find useful and helpful in conjunction with this website. Macintosh and PC versions of utilities are presented where available.


Please note: This website does not endorse, nor has it necessarily tested, any of the products, services and/or companies listed on this page.



Microsoft Word

In cases where files are presented on this website for downloading, an effort has been made to offer both MS Word and HTML (webpage) versions. In some cases, however, the formatting and alignment offered by a word processing program may be required for accurate printing. In those cases, MS Word files should be chosen.

MS Word Alternatives - Some of the files available for downloading on this website are presented in MS Word format. If you do not have MS Word software, you may still be able to view and print the files with another piece of software which is compatible with MS Word format. The MS Word Alternatives list provides a list of compatible software for PC, Macintosh and Linux Platforms.


PDF Viewers

Some of the documents on this website may be stored in PDF format and will require that a PDF viewer be installed on your computer. Here are some links to help you locate and download a viewer appropriate for your operating system:

Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Page


Firewall Software

If your computer does not have a "firewall," it needs one. If you're connected to the Internet, a firewall is the one completely essential piece of software you may be missing. A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that stands between your computer and a cyberspace full of hackers and thieves.

Firewall Choices




last update: 12/09/2008