News  > Thank you, Red Zone!     2005



As players and coaches, we are so thankful for the wonderful and tremendous support that we receive from the Fairport Basketball community.

From our program sponsors to our dedicated parents ... from our school administrators to our super-enthusiastic student body ... from our talented cheerleading teams to those who give of their time and their money to support our scholarships ... and from those who keep our stats and take our photographs to those who keep our gyms clean and safe; Fairport Basketball is a community unlike any other and, as players and coaches, we are so very proud and thankful to be a part of it!

When all of these elements come together with all of their talents and all of their energies, they create the experience that we call the Red Zone! It's not about a color ... it's not about a place ... it's about a shared experience that those involved will likely remember for a lifetime. Thank you for being a part ... an important part ... of the 2004-2005 Red Zone!

The tradition that is Fairport Basketball has been decades in the making and we honor those who have played and coached here with such dedication and such class. And now this season and this version of the Fairport Basketball community becomes another page in the history ... the legacy ... that is Fairport Basketball.

From those of us who are fortunate enough to coach and play here,