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This website is a volunteer, collaborative effort in support of the players and coaches of the Fairport Basketball Program. These kids and these coaches work hard, play hard, and learn some terrific life lessons -- on the court and off -- through the game of basketball. Our mission is to support that process and that platform for growing and learning.

This site is looking for contributors. If you are involved with or attend Fairport Basketball games at any level, and are interested in contributing written game summaries and/or photographs, please contact the webmaster:

The site is not affiliated with the Fairport Central School District though it acknowledges the enthusiastic support of some of the district's administrators and teachers.

What's Here?

Current - The focus, of course, is on the current teams, players and coaches. You'll find coaches bios, team rosters, schedules and game summaries for both boys' and girls' teams. Choose NEWS, BOYS or GIRLS from the main tabs for more info.

The current story of Fairport Basketball would not be complete without recognition of our fantastic program sponsors. From local businesses and services to Fairport families to our local leaders, the Program is grateful for the generous financial support of our sponsors.

Historical - Fairport Basketball has a rich tradition, filled with great years, great teams and great players. As we pull together some of that history, you'll start to see this section of the site fill out. Right now, you can see team photos from almost all of the boys' varsity teams dating back to 1969 and there's a terrific selection of action and candid photos spanning the years, too.

Support Stuff - From team schedules you can download and print to "I Love Raider Hoops" signs and Raider desktops you can download, you might find some fun stuff in the Raider Gear section of the website.

Links - We've pulled together an impressive list of links to Fairport & Community websites, links to other Fairport Sports teams, and a list of links to basketball news and information sites. And if you're interested in basketball history or one of Rochester's professional sports teams, you'll find links to them, too! Check out our LINKS.







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