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Fairport Basketball and wish to thank the many important contributors to the program. Without the participation of each of these fantastic people, the Fairport Basketball experience just wouldn't be the same!


Special Thanks to:

The world's greatest high school basketball fans & spectators!

Fairport's terrific coaches, players & cheerleaders!

Our enthusiastic and supportive parents!

The Fairport Pep Band!

Our fundraisers & volunteers!

A very supportive principal and administration!

And, of course, our terrific sponsors!

Big Red Raider Thanks to our Website Contributors:

Mr. Dave Winn - for the historical stats.

Ms. Sue Fitch - for the wonderful collection of photos

Mr. Dom Esposito - for a nice collection of 1993-94 photos

Mr. Brian Bills for all of the pre-1969 historical boys varsity photos

Mr. James Smith for the 1962-1964 historical boys varsity photos

Mr. James Lathrop for selected professional photo galleries


Special Thanks for the 2006-2007 season go to ...

Mr. Jim Borden for team photos, boys & girls game photos

Mr. Marty Launer for the boys' varsity photos

Ms. Sue Fitch for the boys varsity team photo & game photos

Ms. Donna Roessel for the boys jv team photo

Mr. Gary Brown for the Boys Mod B 1 photos

Mr. James Lathrop for his boys varsity professional photos

Mr. Bill Sanford for his JV game reports



Some of the animated graphics are from









last update: 12/09/2008