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  Firewall Choices 



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Firewall Software

If your computer does not have a "firewall," it needs one. If you're connected to the Internet, a firewall is the one completely essential piece of software you may be missing. A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that stands between your computer and a cyberspace full of hackers and thieves.



Windows Platform


There are a number of software firewall products from some very well known companies. All of them are probably worth evaluating. One of the best products out there for the Windows platform is ZoneAlarm and, best of all, it's free for personal use.

ZoneAlarm :


One resource on the Internet for firewall and security software reviews is ...

Firewall Guide Freeware:


Macintosh Platform


There are a number of products available for the Mac Platform. One good way to review them is to visit the following website:

Firewall Guide Macintosh





last update: 12/09/2008