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  Cody Tatro

FHS Class of 1994

team: 1993-94


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I remember Cody Tatro as a funny guy. Even though he was a popular guy in high school, he was never too big to talk to anyone or to make them laugh. just remembering his smile and the way he acted...brings a smile to my face. He may be gone-but never forgotten. Once a raider always a raider!!!!

Christine - Fairport class of 1996 - submitted 11/1/04

I had the opportunity and privilege to be a teammate of Cody Tatro for the 93-94 season. Cody was the ultimate teammate. Always there to cheer you up when you needed it the most as well as help you develop as a player. Cody was always out to push you to get better but always did it with a smile on his face at the end of the day. I'll never forget this memory of Cody. On our bur ride over to the War Memorial to play in the sectional semifinal game against Olympia (who beat us twice during the year) Cody came back to sit down and have a conversation. The conversation had nothing to do with the game and at the end of our discussion, he just said to go out and have fun! Simple as that and exactly what I needed at the time to hear. We won that game...and had fun doing it!  Cody's energy and easy going spirit will be missed.

Brian Benz - Class of '94 - submitted 3/1/06





Cody Tatro, 26, died Sunday, February 16, 2003 in a motor vehicle accident in California. Tatro, formerly of Newark, resided in Walnut Creek, CA and was a physical education teacher at Charlotte Wood Middle School.

Cody was born May 9, 1976 to Mary and John 'Chip' Tatro. He grew up in Newark, attended Newark schools through eighth grade, and went to Fairport High School. He went to the University of Maine on a football scholarship.

He was a mountain biker and rock climber and also skied, swam and worked out in the gym. He earned his master's degree last fall in physical education.

Tatro was one of the youngest teachers at Charlotte Wood. He was in his third year of teaching and coached girls lacrosse at San Ramon Valley High School.

He is survived by his father John 'Chip' (Pam) Tatro of Fairport; his mother, Mary Tatro of Farmington; brothers, Christopher (Andrea) of Omaha, Nebraska; brother and sister Zachary and Alexandra of Fairport; maternal grandmother, Margaret Larham; paternal grandfather, William Tatro; aunts, uncles and cousins. Interment will be in White Haven Memorial Park.



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